Create Beautifully Responsive Table Lists & Pricing Charts.

Simply drag & drop onto any stacks page to get started. Choose between 3 section types: header, list item, button (header & button are purposed specifically for pricing charts, but are still available for other lists). Customization options will change according to what section type you choose.

cleanLists is designed to take advantage of the existing RapidWeaver controls, which makes the process even more intuitive. When creating lists you create it just as you would using RapidWeaver’s built-in list making tool.

To add icons you can choose from 3 font-based web icons: Font Awesome, Modern Pics, & Web Icons. These are included as separate stacks with cleanLists. Modern Pics & Web Icons are both packaged in a cleanLists Resources stack and have glphy charts for you to use to help identify the icon you want to use.

Alternatively you can use an image of your choosing. cleanLists comes loaded with hundreds of professional quality free images to choose from.