cleanQuotes is a responsive testimonial stack that animates/transitions into multiple testimonies. There is no limit to the amount of testimonials you can place inside and it appears great in all devices and browsers. Add text, quotation icons, and photo's of who the testimonial is from.

There are 5 built-in themes to help you style your testimonials ranging from simple and minimals styles to other more eye-catching styles.

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One Little Designer

One Little Designer is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 77 addons.



2 years ago

Adds pizazz to Quotes

Does one thing and one thing well: wraps your quotes in style. I give lectures and then publish them. I use cleanQuotes for commentary necessary beyond the simplified presentation. cleanQuotes adds a 'voice' to the text that the built in quote stack just doesn't match. Highly adaptable, the stack allows the designer to create visual weight and visibility to text you want to emphasize. Highly recommended.