Content Switcher

A simple way to switch your content


To switch content stands for flexibility. With Content Switcher Stack you can define several parts of your page that should be able to be switched. Switch a language, switch the content, switch to another styled stack or to whatever you can imagine.


  • Any number of content blocks and switchable alternatives
  • Fade effect
  • Hide initial content block
  • Activate blocks by mouse-click or mouse-over event

What others say

Just got content switch update! thanks! Multiple blocks is huge! And "hide on startup" is perfect! This is a monster stack now!

Addon Details

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Barz Stacks

Barz Stacks is a RapidWeaver Developer with 60 addons.



3 years ago

A stack that adds great hover interactivity by revealing & switching content.

One of my favourite stacks, use it on nearly every project. It very useful. It is great because usually hover effects are colour or shadow changes, but this stack allows you to reveal ANY hidden stacks on hover, and switch them when hovering over something else. This is a great stack for building complex & stylish interactions. Highly recommended !!!