New In Version 2.0.0

New Release

DateSnap is a set of Stack elements for use with RapidWeaver 7 and Stacks 3.

Datesnap adds nice looking calendars to your site. Use DateSnap to create and share event information with others. You can also display multiple Google Calendar feeds AND iCloud Calendar feeds on your DateSnap page, giving your friends, family or clients the ability to update the event information via the web.

What's New in 2

Lists Views are Here!

The most requested feature of Datesnap is here, List Views. Your events can now be displayed in List format based on day, week, month and year.

Mobile Specific Setting

Set up your calendar default views based on Desktop and Mobile viewing. Choose what views are shown on Mobile and what views are shown on Desktop.

Super Charged Apple Calendar Support

Datesnap 2 has fully rebuilt iCloud calendar feed parsing support. Even the most complex recurring events render like a champ.

Images in Event Popovers

Events created in DS2 can now show an image in the Event's popover or List entry. Great for promoting events on your calendars.

Complete Rebuild

We completely tore down the old Datesnap and rebuilt it with Stacks 3 and RW 7 in mind. Taking advantage of all the fresh goodies available today.

Addon Details

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Yabdab is a RapidWeaver Developer with 13 addons.



3 years ago

Mike corrected a couple issues we ran into and it's working great

A busy little church in our neighborhood needed a new site along with a calendar. I turned to DateSnap based on previous use. They had their iCal entries full of details and repeating events that needed a little help from Yabdab support to get the web version matching iCal. Mike narrowed down the issues and stuck with it until we got it all approved. I appreciate the persistence and great attitude all the way through. Reason #73 why I have several other Yabdab stacks and plugins.


3 years ago

Super piece of work

I had various failures with other calendar stacks. Getting a Google Calendar on your website is a snap now. Works and looks cool. Thumbs up!