750+ Designed Page Sections.

Browse hundreds of fully designed page sections that you can copy and paste into your Stacks page, then customize with your content. Jaw dropping RapidWeaver sites has never been this easy.

Preview 264 Paragraph layouts

Preview 247 Headline layouts

Preview 252 Column layouts

Depth also includes the Depth Theme!

Modern navigation and style settings make the Depth theme an exceptional platform to build any website. Using the Depth stack, Depth theme, and built-in RapidWeaver page types, you can create complete, beautiful, mobile friendly websites. Demo theme project included, see it live below.

Preview Depth Theme

Depth Speed

Combining the Depth stack and Depth theme is the fastest way to design bullet proof websites that look incredible across all desktops and devices. Jump start your RapidWeaver projects by using the library of over 750+ of fully designed web page sections, and shave off countless hours (or days) from the site building process!

Depth Quality

Good design in, questionable design out. Depth is not built to create "any layout imaginable", that's where problems, and visitor confusion occurs. Depth is about creating practical real world web page layouts, then adding visual polish, interest, and a professional feel to that layout.

Add Depth to your website. Then sit back, look awesome, and take compliments.

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013 Media

2 days ago

Depth: a masterpiece

Depth is truly a masterpiece from Nick Cates Design. His admirable work makes my websites better. And easier to design without losing my freedom. Depth brings Rapidweaver to a new level.