DetailsPro 2 is now available – we overhauled it from scratch to work with Stacks 3 exclusively (read more about this in our FAQs). It’s faster, finally responsive and also has a retina icon now. Check out our screencast to learn more about the new features of this Stack.

The DetailsPro Stack allows you to put detail enclosure boxes on your website, which allows your site visitor to easily reveal and hide specific content, such like longer texts, big images and more. The Stack features a small enclosure button in the upper right corner. The boxes are completely customizable in their background colors, font colors and more.

The Stack works with pure Javascript, which makes this stack very fast and secure. It also doesn’t use any pictures that would slow down your website. It's built with a custom interface which makes it look and feel comfortable even when you're in Edit mode.

DetailsPro comes really handy if you want to create simple FAQ pages or Quiz sites that need to hide specific content, but also allows the site visitor to reveal it manually whenever they want or need to.

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