Responsive web design portfolio and testing suite Stack.

Forget boring sliders of images and static portfolios. Devices gives life to a living HTML version of your web work to wow clients and test across responsive devices. Work quicker and look better with Devices stack for RapidWeaver.

Living web not dead web

Show the client that you don’t mess around and know what you are doing. Deliver mock ups of living sites and a portfolio live version that expands and contracts across responsive devices for quicker sign off or winning new clients. You’re a pro and this is a pro tool.

Not just for looking good

Don’t just use it to show off your web chops. It’s also a great testing environment. Working in teams or just want to send test pages around? Build a page with the Devices stack and publish or just preview locally in RapidWeaver preview mode. See how it will look on a desktop, tablet and mobile before reaching for your pocket for more hardcore testing.

Easy to Setup within RapidWeaver Stacks

Drag in the stack. Set the link you want to display. Then switch on / off the devices you need, change the colour and set the default that displays first. Couldn’t be easier to take your portfolio case studies to the next level in RapidWeaver Stacks. Simples.

Retina Ready and no coding needed

CSS, HTML and Retina-ready images only were harmed in the making of this stack. Sharp on hiDPI displays and a solid modern flat design. There’s no need to code in your site or anything else, just point it to your site online with a RapidWeaver link and Devices does the rest. Splendid.

Addon Details

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