New In Version 2.3.0

v2.3.0 • Updated to latest libraries • URL redirects and SpecialFX integration now happens after all files have completed uploading

Obtaining files using email is just not very efficient and file sharing sites are inconvenient and full of spam. This is where Dispatch can help save the day. You can create a beautiful file upload page on your website and have the files go directly into your web server or remote server via SFTP. Dispatch is jammed full of features including emailing you when a new file has been uploaded.

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the shupester

1 year ago

Dispatch your Files through a Classy Web Interface

After finding that our school district's Blackboard Learning/Content Management System didn't support file sizes in excess of 2 MB, I decided I would set up a local server for my students to submit their exam screencasts to. I had an outdated Dropbox Uploader stack that didn't work any more (and discontinued by the author), so I was relieved to find Joe's stack not only supports the older PHP that Apple ships on their server install, but his stack also had a much wider range of options.

I was happy because Joe has a long standing reputation as one of the RW Communities most prolific developers and not only keeps his stacks and plugins updated, but supports his products. True to previous experiences, Joe was quick to help and insure that my instance of Dispatch Server did what I needed it to do, move large (up to 500 MB files) up to my local server. He helped me get beyond the Apple Server settings and customize my PHP settings for my unique needs.