New In Version 1.2.0

New icon and looks Minor improvements and fixes (mostly cosmetic)

The DoorKeeper Stack shows a message before a visitor enters a page. When the visitor clicks the accept button, the stack will set a cookie to remember his choice, dismiss the message and not show it again until the cookie expires. When the visitor clicks the reject button the stack will redirect the visitor to another page without setting a cookie, so the message will be shown again at the next visit.

Use this stack to let the visitor confirm he or she is of legal age to view the content of your site or page (alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, arms, vaping gear, adult content…). This stack is also great for drawing attention to a new product, invite them take a survey, etc.

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11 months ago

Little stack, very useful. I can totally recommend it!!

The DoorKeeper stack is a very useful tool for adult sites (+18) and others to show a message before a visitor enters the page. I'm using it on Foundry and works just fine. Same as the NoLink stack and the NoCurrent stack they are very useful, best price/ quality and support from Jeroen Roos (the developer of Marathia Web Design) is top. Great stacks, great guy!!!

Check it out: -DoorKeeper. -NoLink. -NoCurrent. 10/10 full recommendation.


3 years ago

Works like a charm.

Purchased the stack but discovered that it only works on stack pages. Of course. But I contacted the creator to see if the stack could be set up to work on a non-stack page. I got a response within an hour explaining how this could be done. Got that to work and then wanted an image on the stack. He replied with two ways of doing just that. The reason I stick with RW is developers like him: combining well constructed add-ons with great customer help. I will do business with this developer again.