New In Version 2.0.1

  • Fix to Stack compatibility

New in v2!

Gorgeous new Material Design user interface, better on mobile, 3 users, image editor, better text editor with more control, easier to install & a bunch of fixes and security updates.

Edit your RapidWeaver site content from anywhere.

Dropkick CMS is a powerful and lightweight content management system that allows you or your clients to edit your RapidWeaver site from a desktop, mobile or tablet. Completely white-labelled, secure and with user-management features, Dropkick CMS is the remote site editor you were waiting for.

Easy to edit

Easily add text, videos, images, lists and so on using the included WYSIWYG editor. Stylise your content with a familiar and beautiful user interface and add content in any language you can type.

Quick to setup

Installed in minutes and supported by 5+ videos, you’ll find this quick to roll out and even quicker to make sections of your site editable form the web. See videos of Dropkick CMS in action >>

Categories to group editable content

Create categories to group the editable sections on a page to make the back end more organised and streamline. Drag and drop editable elements into groupings and unclutter that list of CMS elements that previously was an endless list.

Edit font styles and colours

By default all content automatically matches your theme’s font size, font type and colour. But now you can override this from the WYSIWYG editor and style to your heart’s content. Clients will rejoice with more fine tuning control. Things might get messy.

Upload and manage your files from all your devices and across Dropkick

Upload files with simple drag and drop, preview uploaded images, videos and audios and filter and organise them across folders in your new and neat file management. Reuse them in later CMS areas and add not only media files but also PDFs, documents and other file types. You can also edit photos within DropkickCMS such as crop and ratio size, special effects and other hocus pocus, without needing to open the image in Photoshop. More media management power to you and your clients.

Stack or not

No coding knowledge is required to use Dropkick. Add an editable content section and paste in the page tag into your RapidWeaver project using the included Stack, an HTML stack, your RapidWeaver sidebar, or any other Stack or section you can add content.

RapidWeaver compatibility

Works with any RapidWeaver project or themes from RW5+ and runs on HTML pages. No need to convert to PHP pages.

Unlimited content areas

Make one page editable to a client or parts of a page. Add multiple editable content areas on a page or across multiple pages. Want to make the Extra Content section editable but not the body? No problem. Slice up your site and give clients access where you let them.


Dropkick is completely white-labelled. No mention of Dropkick anywhere after logging in and you can add your own logo to the login window and header to personalise your CMS service to clients.

SEO and clean code

No extra code or classes added to your site’s content to keep it clean, fast and optimised for search engines. Anything you add in Dropkick will be the same or cleaner than if added direct into RapidWeaver.

In-sync. Always

Dropkick keeps everything in sync at all times. No data loss occurs, even if you republish your RapidWeaver project, add a new page or add more content around the editable areas. All will be in-sync and up to date.

User management over three levels

Create Admins, site Editors and Users as you wish. Add multiple staff or client members and charge them accordingly if you offer this service. If a client’s staff member leaves, just delete or disable that user instantly with a check. No need to mess around. Admins control everything, Editors can create pages and embed in RapidWeaver projects, whilst Users can just edit the content. Simples all round.


Dropkick sites are secure and safe to brute force attacks and passwords are stored as hashes and encrypted in your database. There’s a “forgot your password” reset link built-in to save time and issue account resets securely. Dropkick is also compatible with SSL secure servers if you want to add https:// to your domain.

Blazingly Fast

Changes happen in realtime and are instantaneous. Edit, save and refresh the browser and boom! It’s there. You can temporarily disable content and it disappears (as if by magic) if there’s panic in the office or if a time-offer changes.


Dropkick is fully responsive and works on mobiles, desktops and tablets. Edit on the move and from anywhere you can get an internet connection. Great for companies operating from smartphones on the move and for clients who don’t want to FTP in to their site.

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2 years ago

Builds trust, enhances client relations

When I first started building sites, a lot of my clients kept asking the same questions: "Can I edit this page?" "What if I want it to say something else?"

For a long time, I didn't have a good answer for them. Usually I would suggest they retain my services for a while, but not all of my clients have deep pockets, and many of them left wondering why I didn't build something more user-configurable. When I tried WordPress, many clients would complain that it was too confusing.

Dropkick is perfect. It allows me to build whatever site the client wants, structured however they want, and Dropkick plugs in whatever they need to edit or update. The white label approach also means that I get to deliver a product that looks like it belongs to the client through and through, and they feel confident using it.

This is such a powerful and easy-to-use component, and it can be used almost anywhere - even on non-RapidWeaver sites (Foundation, Bootstrap, etc.). Seriously, stop wasting your time and buy this. If you don't use it today, you will soon, and it'll be worth it.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

2 years ago

Thanks @tekkitt for the kind review :)


2 years ago

Essential Purchase

Rapidweaver and Stacks is a powerful combination - no doubt about it. But after a while you soon begin to realise that while it's great for most aspects of web site production it really isn't the 'whole' package. You need forms, you need a decent blog, you need calendars, you need maps... but perhaps most of all you need a story when the client eventually asks (and they surely will) "how can I update this text, or image right here.....?"

Forms, blogs, calendars, maps... that's easy.. lot's of good solutions out there. But that last question, until now may have cost you the client. Not any more....

Dropkick CMS is the de-facto solution for letting your clients keep THEIR website up to date.

Forget half baked answers that let you edit singleton regions... thats a waste of everyone's time and effort.

Forget third party sign ups ... you soon run out of free sites and anyway where is the flexibility in that? It don't grow.

With Dropkick CMS you have a solution that:-

-- Can be installed during a commercial break. -- Is co-located with the client site. -- Is blazingly fast. -- Actually reduces the size of your RW project ( and we ALL know that's a VERY good thing, right ;-) ) -- Gives the client very high degrees of flexibility with what they want to put where. -- Respects your project/theme CSS and is SUPER easy to customise, so the client cannot mess up the presentation. -- Can be backed up really easy and moved if the site moves. -- Is secure. -- Is white-labelled and ready for you to brand.

In summary, without Dropkick CMS in your RW/Stacks arsenal your 'client updates' story is thin. You will be found out sooner or later, so do the job right and build the site side-by-side with Dropkick... The workflow is really fast and icy smooth. Goes like this:

-- Install Dropkick. -- Make project. -- Create your layout as per your design/theme. -- For editable content just add text or html stacks. -- Create the content regions in Dropkick. -- Replace the content of the text/html stacks in the project with the dropkick snippets for each area (remember you are dealing with simple stacks... it's fast!). -- Publish. View. Check. Polish. -- Brand the CMS, hand it over and be proud of the amazing capabilities you are delivering to your client.

Right now this product is unique, powerful and downright essential.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

2 years ago

Thanks @hal9000 :)