EditsPRO allows you to add areas to your webpage that can be edited from a web browser (including iPhone and iPad) and then saved. This is a perfect solution for web masters who need to allow clients or customers to have access to a portion of the website without giving them access to all of the website.

Features include:

  • Multi-user Support - EditsPRO lets you have up to four different users
  • Multi-level Support - You can assign each user their own editable area or have them share with another user. You can also select what tools will be available for them on their toolbar editor.
  • Security - EditsPRO NEVER publishes your password to the web. Instead, you will be directed to generate a password hash for each user (all built into the stack). You can then use your password to log in and be confident that "site snoopers" will not be able to steal your password.
  • Inherited Styling - EditsPRO does not seek to override the styling of your theme but rather 'fit in' seamlessly, so it looks like it was done inside of RapidWeaver.


  • php 5.6 - This is a MUST. EditsPRO will not work with php 5.5 or below. You should check with your hosting provider to make sure that your website uses php 5.6 before purchasing the EditsPRO stack.
  • RapidWeaver 6.3+
  • Stacks 3 - This stack requires use of Stacks 3.

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Kuler Solutions

Kuler Solutions is a RapidWeaver Developer with 8 addons.



2 years ago

Only creditcard payment possible. Too bad no Paypal payment.

I contacted Kuler but did not receive an answer. I would like to buy this stack and do not want to pay with creditcard. Please make is possible to pay with Paypal.

Developer reply from Gary Byrd

2 years ago

Hi, I'm sorry but I no longer support payment through Paypal.