New In Version 1.1.4


• Fixed text alingment issues inside of a Callout.
• Hide on Desktop works again after the email has been inlined.
• The plain text email output via the Inliner has been completely revamped to output optimized Markdown for email. This will allow for nicer formatting and URLs for links.
• Alt styles for Headers are not reflected inside Edit Mode Image sizing has been greatly improved.
• New max-width setting for image. CAUTION: Outlook does not support max-width. So you will need to make sure that you set proper image proportions inside the size setting.
• Fixed oddness with double quotes after inlining the email HTML comments are now stripped from the inlined output.
• Inliner output has been optimized further to squeeze out a few more precious bytes
• Justified alignment option for Text stack.
• Header alignment now works when used as a label • Buttons can now be centered when used inside a nested column layout.

If you have used the Foundation theme and stacks, you will immediately feel at home with the Email stacks. And if you are new, it will only take you minutes to create your first email.

Email for RapidWeaver is designed to export HTML email that can be used in online newsletter/email services such as MailChimp, MadMimi, AWeber, Sendy, etc. It does not currently support creation of email templates to be used inside

Its powered by Foundation for Emails from my good friends at Zurb. Its a powerful framework that has been tested against all major email clients. It even support responsive layouts! The included demo file has 15 wonderful templates to get you started as well.

This is yet another game changing product for the RapidWeaver community. I hope that these stacks help you make beautiful email just like you do websites. I cannot wait to see what you create!

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 149 addons.


Chet Collins

2 months ago

Once You Get It, You Get It

I spent years tinkering with the MailChimp interface, and other Mac apps trying to get my emails just the way I like. Emails finally delivers. Using a program that I'm already familiar with (RW), I can craft my design and message with ease. The templates make for a great jumping off point! Then I simply copy, paste, and send!


3 months ago

Like cuddles with marshmallows

Cozy up with your favorite web development app (Rapidweaver) and this email suite. There's really nothing quite like it. The closest thing I can think of is: Like cuddles with marshmallows.

Mark Spaulding

8 months ago

A must have set of stack for email campaigns

If you create email campaigns, this is a "must have" set of stacks. It takes the pain of working with finicky HTML for emails. The inline creator stack is simply a brilliant addition.

I use PHPList which is provided for free from my ISP, and now sending our email campaign takes seconds rather than hours. Create your own template in RW with Stacks and copy and paste the code in the server interface and off it goes! Brilliant!