New In Version 1.7

  • Improved support for multiple instances of the stack on the same page.

Add instant detail to images and products in RapidWeaver.

Enlarge stack is an easy way to zoom and enlarge any image without leaving the page. Adds extra spice and detail to any RapidWeaver e-commerce project, Enlarge is a quick solution for showing detail words can't describe.

Instant detail to images and products

Drop in your image to RapidWeaver resources and Enlarge uses this as the large image and auto-generates the thumbnail. Hover the thumbnail and get a smooth and clear enlarged image without leaving the page. Draw attention to product details, maps and specs. Show your craftsmanship.

Supports you and E-Commerce

Enlarge works beautifully in any RapidWeaver E-commerce project. The best way to concisely add more detail and interaction to your products without skimping on the details. The auto play animation is smooth, keyboard arrows navigation support is neat and it looks fab on tablets. Enlarge helps you speak without words.

Highly customisable

Colours, borders, descriptions, size, zoom area, thumbs, positioning….It’s all there at your fingertips. Fine tune and play around until you get it right. Detail for those that need it and quick setup for those that don’t. Splendid.

Addon Details

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