Eternity 2 is a stack for adding background images behind any stacks content, but as you may have guessed, it doesn’t end there.

The scope is endless because of the way you can have the background images applied, and with the power of nesting Eternity stacks inside each other, you can create an unlimited array of background image effects.

The stack also handles all the sizing, with a multitude of built in presets, as well as custom overrides if you desire. No matter what type of content you add inside the stack (and you can add anything), your layout will never be compromised by clipping of the content inside Eternity.

New Features in the awesome new second generation of Eternity:

  • Automatic height management.
  • Built in height presets.
  • Built in overlay presets.
  • Automatic content alignment (axis independent).
  • Content fades on exit option.
  • Full screen hero mode.
  • Click to reveal page contents (in hero mode).
  • Global contents alpha colour pickers.

Oh - and it’s really really simple to use :-)

Addon Details

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