Introducing Expandable Grid – A incredible, convenient grid with expandable content sections for RapidWeaver from Weavium!

Expandable Grid was made with the idea of combining image/icon grids with hidden content sections. Grids on the web are fantastic, and stylish, but without a lot of use. Take your boring old image grids and turn them into something magical, with expandable content too~ We’ve put a lot of work into this one, as always, and we hope you enjoy!

Responsive Columns, Images/Icons, Super Configurable, and Convenient!

Examples Included

EXG comes with an awesome example file to help you get started! Create something amazinggg~

Individual / Shared Styles

Create grids where items share the same styles or grid where each item has its' own custom styles~~

Content Alignment

Align content in tons of different configurations and even set separate alignments for individual items!

Icons / Images

Add Icons from the best fonts on the web with ease, and easily create amazing image grids with gradient overlays!

Responsive Columns

Set custom column numbers and heights for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile! Create the perfect grid for every device~


Grid items can be clicked to expand hidden content sections where you can place any stack content that you'd like!

Addon Details

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