Explicit gives your visitors fair warning of what they are about to see.


If your site contains content of an explicit nature, or you sell for example alcohol or tobacco, or there is any content in your page that you feel it's appropriate to warn the visitor of before they enter the page, then Explicit will do just that.

On the visitors first visit, they will be presented with your warning and given the option to continue or not. If they accept your warning, they never see Explicit again when visiting any page in your site that contains an Explicit stack. They will never see the content of any page containing an Explicit stack until they have accepted your warning. The contents of the Explicit stacks warning are entirely up to you. You can use any other stack or combination of stacks to create the warning message inside the Explicit stack.

If you add Explicit to more than one webpage in your website (either manually or using a Stacks partial), any given visitor only have to accept the Explicit warning once. After accepting your warning they will never see any Explicit stack appear on any page in your site again.

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