New In Version 3.1.0

  • Fixed automatic updates in Stacks 3.5 (a manual update is required)
  • Fixed a potential issue that could cause Stacks 3.5 to hang when switching between image sources
  • Lower content text now has a smaller font size (26px) by default 10px padding applied on the left and righthand sides of the content
  • Added some CSS to rescale images in weaker themes that lack support for responsive images
  • If a user comes to the page with Javascript disabled, FancyIntro is disabled
  • Print styles to ensure FancyIntro is always disabled on print and PDF output
  • You can now set the height of the intro line, in the middle
  • Added a breakpoint setting, to optionally hide FancyIntro on smaller screen widths

The Fancy Intro stacks set adds cross browser animated intro's to webpages, so that your visitors don't have to look at that “normally boring page loading”. This stack looks like a Flash based intro but all it takes is a tiny jQuery script with some magic CSS. So also iPhone and iPad visitors get to see your Fancy Intro.

All it takes to create a Fancy Intro or Curtain is adding one of the stacks onto your page, set the colors and animation speed ... you are ready to get Fancy.

Addon Details

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Will Woodgate

Will Woodgate is a RapidWeaver Developer with 91 addons.