New In Version 1.3.1

  • Fix for RSS feeds generated by RapidWeaver Blog Page Type

Quickly and easily show a blog RSS feed on your website.

Feed is a great way to easily show a blog or website news feed on your RapidWeaver site. Add your feed url to the Stack then customise away to make it blend into your site design. Simples.

Stylishly simple

Simple is always best. On page-load the rss feed is beautifully animated in and appears in a vertical list. Place it alone on your site or next to some other Stacks. Lovely.

Easy as pie

Drop in the stack, paste in your feed url and that’s it. Make changes to the amount of items and stylings such as colour, amount of items, SSL security feeds, links in new window and so on. Really is a piece a cake.

Responsive and blends in

Feed blends into your site design quite subtly. It takes the fonts from the Theme and can be adapted to sit on the site without standing out too much. It’s completely responsive from desktop down to mobile and works brilliantly on any device.

Addon Details

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