A stack that gives you that last chance to display a message before a user leaves your website for good.

Stack Overview

No visitor likes to be bothered by pop-up's while surfing your website, but what if we could offer them one last piece of information before they leave your site for good.

Departing message

You won't see the stack pop-up when you navigating from page to page within the website, but the stack will be displayed if your visitor goes to close the current browser tab or attempts to enter someone else's url in there address bar, at this point they were about to be gone for good anyway.

Anti annoyance

The stack has the ability to know if your visitor has been shown the pop-up in the past, and can be set to never show them it again for a set number of days that you decide.

Addon Details

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Doobox is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 47 addons.