New In Version 3.0

  • added new customisation option: Gravity. You can now select whether the particles of the explosions should fade in the air, or if they should fall to the ground of your website
  • added new customisation option: Explosion Size. You can now chose between tiny, small, normal, big and huge explosions
  • added five new color fields to allow even more customisations when it comes to randomly chosen particle colors
  • redesigned edit mode
  • redesigned Stack icon
  • added Sparkle Appcast support for easier updating processes
  • several bug fixes and stability improvements

Beautiful Fireworks Christmas is already over in a few days and we're already preparing for New Years Eve and our websites do so too. The Fireworks Stack is the best successor to the Snowflakes Stack for the Holidays. It displays some beautiful fireworks on your website without making use of any videos or images.

Customisable Fireworks 3 offers tons of customisation options. You can customise up to 15 different colors in the explosions of the rockets. You can also change the amount of particles inside an explosion and the minimum and maximum speed of the explosions. With this years version 3 of Fireworks, you can also change the gravity: do you want the particles to stay in the air or do you want them to fall to the ground of the site? You can also customise the size of the explosions and chose between tiny, small, normal, big and huge explosions. Everything is up to you!

Lightweight, Responsive and Retina Fireworks 3 does not use any images or videos, it’s just making use of Unicode characters which are very lightweight and do not take any space on your host. The Stack does also load very fast, so you don’t have to be afraid of longer page loading times. We also made the Stack responsive, so the fireworks will always resize to the screen resolution - fireworks never looked so good on your iPhone! Of course the whole Stack is retina ready as well, even its Stack icon.

Compatibility: Fireworks 3 does only work with Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver 6/7. Older versions of both pieces of software are unsupported and could cause compatibility issues. Also, we cannot guarantee compatibility with each and every other 3rd party Stack, plugin or theme you’re using in combination with our Fireworks 3 Stack. Please keep that in mind before making your purchase.

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