New In Version 2.0.2

  • Fixes a bug where the button's text could be taken over by a theme or another stack in corner cases.
  • Fixes a few missing Font Awesome icons.

Quickly and easily build stylish buttons. Use Flat Button’s multitude of settings to make classic, flat buttons, or apply a gorgeous gradient or drop shadow to give them depth.


Build classic buttons with a flat styling. These buttons will look right at home on your pages for years to come.

Add Depth

Flat Button 2 allows you to add depth to your buttons using gradients and drop shadows to help your buttons stand out.


Use icons, the universal language, to help your buttons pop. You can choose from over 300 different FontAwesome icons.


The Flat Button 2 stack allows you to plan for just about any situation. Choose from 5 different width modes to get the right setup for your buttons, not matter your page’s layout or design. Check out the details of the different width modes, along with examples.

New & Improved

Here’s a look at the new and improved features in Flat Button 2 stack:

  • Ability to hide label and show only an icon.
  • Option to place icon on the left- or right-hand side of button.
  • New percentage based width mode.
  • Round button corners uniformly, or on an individual basis.
  • Choose between a flat or gradient style button.
  • Set normal and hover colors independently for button and icon sections as well as text and icon. Applies to gradients as well.
  • Set custom button height.
  • Add padding to button label for Standard and Responsive width modes.
  • Add and customize a border for your button.
  • Add a stylish drop shadow to your button and customize the shadow color.
  • Use either a web safe font or your own custom font.
  • Set the label and icon sizes independent of one another.
  • Optimized to increase speed in Edit Mode.

Addon Details

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Elixir is a RapidWeaver Developer with 43 addons.


Mr. K.

10 months ago

Flat Button 2 is very flexible and works great

I needed a simple but flexible button creation stack that gave me full control over my buttons. Flat Button 2 does the job, and it's only $12!


2 years ago

Gracefully simple

I'm a fan of old Apple-style. Simple, graceful pieces that do that one job that's needed. Flat Button 2 does that job, perfectly.