New In Version 1.5.0

1.5.0 2017/05/13 - Minor update to the Parsedown base code - no new Markdown features. Changed vertical-align style to "middle" instead of center. Removed table cell paragraph margin-bottom if present when using Markdown. Option to allow CSV File lines with fewer columns than specified, in case of blanks. Custom styling options added to table cell paragraphs td p. Improve mobile font-scaling in table cell paragraphs resulting from using Markdown.
1.4.2 2016/02/08 - Opacity added to all table colors. Icon update.
1.4.1 2016/01/27 - Option added for styling even rows and columns with arbitrary css.
1.4.0 2015/11/26 - Markdown support updated with Parsedown 1.6.0. Custom nth column text alignment option added.
1.3.0 2015/10/26 - Selectable comment line character for CSV files, to allow # in Markdown. Custom CSS options added for more customization of table elements.
1.2.1 2015/10/20 - Fix Pager hover dynamics bug. Minor improvements to css and comments. Reorganize parameters into groups.
1.2.0 2015/10/06 - Support Markdown in files now!
1.1.6 2015/09/20 - Minor update of tags for organizing Stacks. Mobile text resizing workaround for Foundation css.
1.1.5 2015/05/22 - Search button on mobile keyboards enabled from search input field. Add option to resize Search field on mobile screens to any width in px. Match CSV file line or lines based on a GET URL parameter like ?product=abc. Style changes for Foundation.
1.1.4 2015/05/13 - Add Search button text option for alternate languages or text. Shrink Search field on mobile screens and prevent wrapping. Add mac to utf8 conversion option for CSV exported with Spanish characters.
1.1.3 2015/05/06 - Add option to set CSV file delimiter to handle semicolon.
1.1.2 2015/04/30 - Fix search field styling for some themes.
1.1.1 2015/04/22 - Pager hover text color added. Search bar x button resets table after a search is performed. Responsive text scaling added to shrink/grow text on mobile screens. Pager arrow, plus, and minus glyphs improved and styling option provided. Pager spacing increased for mobile screens. Minor speed improvement in Stack controls.
1.1.0 2015/03/12 - Added options for responsive row/column swapping for record view. Added single column responsive mode. Fix a bug affecting page load/resize. Added caption options. Added paging and search features.
1.0.2 2015/02/16 - Fixed bug in php preventing multiple FlexTable instances on some servers.
1.0.1 2015/02/14 - Added optional transition speed to row/cell hover effects.
1.0.0 2015/01/12 - Initial release of FlexTable stack.

FlexTable: A highly flexible and responsive table Stack, capable of generating arrays of Stacks, Text entries, or tables based on a CSV spreadsheet file from a remote URL or from your resources directory. The Stack has plenty of formatting options for creating great looking and dynamic tables: you can enable shadows and hover effects; control borders, cell sizes, internal padding, and so on. This is a very handy Stack that can be used for many purposes.

The Responsive update added a ton of new feature including responsive table layouts, text scaling, plus paging and search features, and the latest Markdown update adds support for CSV files containing markdown such as formatting, links, etc.

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Bryn Owen Design

Bryn Owen Design is a RapidWeaver Developer with 18 addons.



1 year ago

A very versatile and good value stack.

I am a beginner to RapidWeaver and stacks. I have migrated from FreeWay Pro due to the recent demise of the originating company SoftPress. I am now rebuilding a site for my local church in RapidWeaver and needed to have some tables. Searching the internet revealed a few table stacks - FlexTable met my requirements for easily updated table content, via .csv files, lots of formatting options, responsive and a reasonable price. As a beginner I had quite a few questions for the author Bryn. He answered my questions quickly and was very helpful. I am a very happy customer and glad I am using FlexTable.


2 years ago


If you have a need for tables, this stack has you covered. Powerful and incredibly easy to use!


3 years ago

A must-have stack

Unbelievable what you can do with that stack. I use it for dynamic contents on php, everything seems suddenly so simple ! But there are so many others ways to use it. Really a must-Have.