New In Version 1.3.2


• TypeKit now uses the new the TypeKit embed (works in preview again)
• Performance boost on loading fonts from Google, TypeKit and Hoefler

Great typography is both beautiful and powerful. Choosing the correct font can elevate your content to an entirely new level. All while making your brand stand out in the crowd. Font Pro for RapidWeaver gives you the power to enrich your websites with the web's most beautiful typography.

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.


Chet Collins

4 months ago


This stack is in every single one of my projects. Perfectly formats my sites with consistent and beautiful typography. Powerful enough to target any element.


1 year ago

The Sine Qua Non of Web Typography

Adding fonts in any web design package can be tedious and time-consuming – until now. I know of no other system on any platform which makes it so easy. These stacks allow you to add fonts you have created yourself or bought from any vendor of webfonts (e.g. the excellent free source, Font Squirrel), fonts hosted by Google Fonts, TypeKit or Hoefler. They even allow you to use inline base64 woff fonts. They make it a doddle to specify different fonts or weights for different elements on the page. For instance, you might have text and display versions of the same font family and decide to use the text version for the main text and for, say, h4 to h6 headings, but use the display version for h1–h3. Depending on the structure of the font, you may also be able to use small caps and oldstyle (non-ranging) numerals. The stacks give you remarkably fine-grained control of your fonts. The Font Styles stack carries things one stage further, allowing you to create styles with custom spacing, colours, etc. If you care about the appearance of your sites, there is no more important set of stacks to add to your collection.

Mark Spaulding

2 years ago

Break out of the ordinary

A great set of stacks to add significant design possibilities to your tool-kit. Another must-have stack if you want to take your design to the next level! Well done Joe!