Simplified HTML & CSS control for RapidWeaver Stacks. Made for those who are comfortable with HTML and CSS but like the ease of RapidWeaver Stacks' drag and drop setup. This stack gives you all of the limitless design possibilities of HTML/CSS combined with the quick, easy, and intuitive setup of RapidWeaver Stacks.



1 year ago

Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for!

A great Stack! But it would be nice if I can still choose into which file the Stylesheets are written, on one page or on each website. (String Value: each / site). Oh and " opacity: 1.000000; " is into every Element Tag activated immediately, would be great if that happens only if " CSS - Display / Visibility " is enabled. If you could change the, It will turn into my favorite Stack!

Developer reply from One Little Designer

1 year ago

The Opacity bug has now been fixed. The rule will now only be declared when the “Visibility” options have been enabled. Unfortunately, since Frontend was created to work inside of the Stacks plugin, “stacks.css” is the only compiled file all the Stacks have access to. Glad you're enjoying it too - was a lot of fun to make : )