New In Version 1.4.0


• New Geo Cloudflare stack that uses the GeoLocation features built into Cloudflare. Your site must be running through Cloudflare in order for this stack to work. This new CLoudflare stack will be much faster than the existing GeoTarget stack. Cloudflare is awesome. You should be using it :-)
• Updated the other stacks to use some of the latest Stacks 3.5 APIs. Also removed the default stacks settings since they did not make sense with this stack anyways.

GeoTarget allows you to target the content of your website to where in the world your visitors are. You can change the content of your webpage based on country, state or even city!

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 150 addons.



3 years ago

Love this stack!

It has allowed me to simplify considerably my online shop by allowing me to tailor what users see depending on the country they come from. Made it easier on me with the shipping options, making shopping easier and simpler for my users.