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• No longer starts php sessions

Global Content finally brings importing global content into Stacks! Tired of copying that same menu, slider or other content stack onto every page? You can now store and maintain your global content on one centralized page. Global Content is dead simple to use and supports importing of 17 different page plugins. You won't want to build another website with out it!

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JoeWorkman is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 141 addons.



3 years ago

Unbelievable time-saver

Every single I site I develop now contains Global Content. The ability to change one item quickly, and then have that change populated throughout the website - without having to republish every page, is just incredible.

When I first encountered GC, I was struggling with a MegaMenu in a 100 page site. The process of changing ANYTHING in the MM (even a space between words) meant copying and pasting over and over and over (100+ times). But, that's not even the worst of it. Because of how long it took for the MM on each page to render, changing anything meant it would take almost 20 minutes. If I could have ditched the menu system, I would have. But, it works beautifully in the site. Joe heard about my problem, and introduced me to GC. HOLY COW! I could now change anything in the menu, republish just the one page, and voila - the menu was updated on every page of my site! Once I saw how incredibly versatile it is, I began using it more and more. Just how much, you ask? Well, point your browser to and take a look...everything in the outlined boxes is brought in via Global Content. To view the same page, live on the Internet, point your browser to:

Global Content should be in every Weaver's toolbox - bar none.


3 years ago

Awesome can't live without it

An alternative to pluskit @import but as it uses PHP only requires you to re upload one page if you change a global content stack so your whole site can change really quickly. Just can't live without this now for headers, footers , sidebars and more.

Jon Hawkins

3 years ago

Winning with Global Content!

I know Stacks now supports Global content. However...

I have finally had a chance to have a proper play with Global Content Stacks from Joe Workman. These are seriously powerful.

I am creating a large site which requires many pages. Well over 100. Using Joe's Global Content has allowed me to build up the core functionality so if the client wants changes to main features I just have to adjust one page to change them all.

I can literally add anything I want to each section and it sends it to all the areas across the site.

Strongly recommend this stack group to anyone looking to take Global content to the next level.

Another top release from one of the best Stack Devs out there.