Go is the refreshing way to edit online RapidWeaver pages. Edit your page content, as you see it - and save. No separate backend editor, no database, setup is quick and you're ready to Go! Enjoy text editing, drag and drop images, Go add-ons, quick password, Go Lock, and the revolutionary Go Blog!

Includes Drop in Go Addons

Drag and drop Go add-ons into your online pages to create popular media elements in seconds. You or your client can add images, galleries, audio, video, ecommerce, maps and more - with ease!

  • Single Image
  • Slideshow Image Gallery
  • Lightbox Image Gallery
  • Cartloom eCommerce
  • YouTube Video
  • Vimeo Video
  • Google Maps
  • SoundCloud Audio Player

Revolutionary Go Blog

The Go Blog looks like a traditional, beautiful blog, it's when editing you realize this blog is unlike any you've experienced before... All blog edit controls are live, and on one page. Edit an online post, add new blog tags, assign new tags - instantly. After dragging a Go Blog to a stacks page and publishing, it's literally ready to Go!

4 Blog Layout Styles

Select from 3 flavors to show off Go blog posts... Traditional, Modern, Headlines, and Grid. The blog layout is changed in the online blog settings, making it easy to adjust by the client. Each layout is mobile friendly, and posts switch to an easy view mode when editing.

Automatic URL SEO

When editing the Go Blog, all post titles, categories, and tags, are live editable and update the url structure throughout your entire blog! Google places high priority on page title and url structures, and Go generates these titles and paths on the fly.

Meta Tag SEO

Go generates all of today relevant meta SEO tags uniquely for each post. Includes Facebook and Twitter meta tags, along with a standard description. Editing meta tags can be scary to clients, Go only shows a short Meta description input above the post content, then handles the rest of meta tags from there :)

Highly Secure Editing

Go was expertly coded to stop unauthorized page editing. Security measures are used every time Go content is edited, saved, or deleted. When creating a Go Key at purchase, you set a unique master password. Your unique password becomes the encrypted gate keeper for editing your Go content. Only those who know the unique Go Key password, will be able to edit your content.

Quick Password

There's no separate password page for edit access. To edit online Go content, you press the hotkey Shift + Control + X, and a password prompt will appear. Entering the correct password will launch page edit mode, false passwords will prevent and dismiss edit access.

Go Lock

When you or a client need a page available online to edit, but also hidden from the public, you can use the Go Lock. Lock will obscure the online page, and require password validation for viewing and edit access.

Visit the Go CMS product page, and download the free Go stack to get started!

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Nick Cates Design

Nick Cates Design is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 23 addons.



6 months ago

Easy, Smooth and Powerful

This could be the new best-in-class on-page CMS stack for RW. It's easy to install and even easier for clients to learn to edit their content. The UI is super smooth and elegantly simple, and the underlying code that powers it all loads everything lightning fast. This collab between Nick and MIke has resulted in a blindingly brilliant new addition to the pantheon of RW CMS stacks. Can't wait to see how they build it out over time!


7 months ago

Supremely Awesome

The Go CMS stack is downright supreme in its awesomeness! I have tried out just about every CMS solution for Rapidweaver and this is hands-down my personal favorite.

I look forward to improvements, including the ability to limit the number of posts displayed.

Nick Cates and his team are Rapidweaver rock stars!


Developer reply from Nick Cates

6 months ago

Go 1.1.1 now includes blog post pagination! :D