New In Version 1.9.0

New Font Sets and Style Sets functionality to make work easier with our Overwrap and Columnator stacks. Removed the "justify-all" option from Text Align in Stilo because of funky results.

The Gutenberg stack helps you to develop and fine-tune your design from font to style in one single package. These stacks allow you to add fonts you have created yourself or bought from any vendor of webfonts as well as fonts supplied by Google Fonts or Adobe TypeKit. You can even use embedded base64 woff fonts. Furthermore it helps you to take things to the next level, allowing you to create styles with custom spacing, colours, shadows, etc.

The Gutenberg stack consists of three separate stacks:


This sub-stack is all about managing (web-) fonts. You can choose between your own web-fonts, Google Fonts, Adobe TypeKit and embedded fonts.


This sub-stack makes typesetting on the web efficient and fun. You can customize the typography of your text in almost any way.


This stack makes it possible to use all settings/effects from Fonticus as well as Stilo on any other stack.

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J. Barth

J. Barth is a RapidWeaver Developer with 15 addons.