Edit All Your Headings

Are you looking for a little bit of help with headings?  Header Helper allows you to easily apply changes to h1-h6 headings.  Edit almost any kind of characteristic for headings there is, including using Google fonts.  It can even ignore headings you don't want changed.  It's ready for Stacks 2+ and Stacks 3+.

Header Helper is available today on our Shop page & be sure to check out the free demo to experience all the heading options available.

Do you have headings that need a little help?

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8 months ago

Very useful stack

Quite simply does what it says on the tine and makes life a lot easier when customising headers.


2 years ago

Very helpful...

Header Helper is a valuable tool which easily lets you change the theme’s header style in many ways without the need to use CSS. Excellent support too.


3 years ago


This is helpful and does what it says. Like it.

Steve Reel

3 years ago

Very Useful.

Header Helper lets you quickly and easily style your headers beyond what a text stack can do. You can, for example, change all of your H2 headers on a page at once including the font, italics, shadows, color, and more.

Plus Bill's customer service is second to none! I had a corrupted file and he went above and beyond helping sort it out through multiple emails. First Class all the way.


3 years ago

Makes styling header a breeze...

If you ever want to style the headers of your website and don't want to do this manually by adding CSS code, this is the stack to go. Margin, padding, colors, font styles (even Google fonts), shadows, borders and more are only a click away with this very useful stack.