HitCounter: Easily add a hit counter to your page and track hits in a variety of ways! Just drop this Stack down and configure it to count every page hit or refresh, or only hits from unique IP addresses, or use the elapsed time option to filter out repeated hits from the same user in a specified range of time. You can have individual page counters or set each one to share its count so you have a sitewide count. You can filter out one or more IP addresses, so you can ignore your own hits for example! There are lots of formatting options to get the color, size, and style you need. New options have been added for metallic backgrounds, borders, etc. and the Stack can be transparent as well. Additional features allow you to show hit counts on other pages, so it is possible to create your own summary page showing hits across your site.

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Bryn Owen Design

Bryn Owen Design is a RapidWeaver Developer with 18 addons.


Raul Del Corte Valiente

3 years ago

Essential and indispensable!

Customizable counter views, with a spectacular design and many choices. It is the only designer who has done this in RapidWeaver. In fact, the other counters do not count visits. I recommend it with my eyes closed. Look how well it stays in three of my websites: http://rauldelcorte.com/english/info.php https://efisica.com http://psicologoforense.org