Full Control of Your Project

The HTML Body Stack was created for Developers & Designers who want the freedom to start their projects truly from scratch. This Stack gives access to every part of the HTML file directly in the Stacks' editor, giving you freedom to add external JavaScript & CSS libraries with just a few clicks. With full control over every single file & element, you can keep your code free of any of any unnecessary fluff that comes along with traditional RapidWeaver themes and frameworks. Note that this Stack is meant for advanced users who are well versed in HTML & CSS.

Looks Like HTML, Functions Like Stacks

With this Stack you have access to every part of each HTML element to add Classes, IDs, or any other attributes you need to. The editor has been designed to flow like HTML & still allow you to drag & drop the elements in the order that you need them. The best part is these projects have the flexibility to add any of your favorite Stacks. Using partials you can create templates to use in future projects, making web design & development a breeze. To make it even easier to read & develop we have included three editor themes: Default Stacks editor, Light HTML, and Dark HTML. You can even custom color your elements using the Stacks settings panel.

Addon Details

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One Little Designer

One Little Designer is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 80 addons.