New In Version 3.1.5

3.1.5: Removed an un-neccacary work from an error message that was not covered by a language variable.


This contact form is simple, stylish, robust, secure, and works in any standard HTML Rapidweaver stacks page. Accepts multiple owner email addresses (each owner receives the email). Supports UTF8, Umlaut characters.

HTML Signature

Also has an option to provide an HTML signature in your auto response email.

No need for PHP:

This mail stack does not require a php extension to be added to your page, nor does it automatically apply one. This stack works in an existing html page.

Anti Spam

The stack employs an anti spam measure known as "The honey pot method" Trawling robots looking to spam your inbox have been proven to be fooled by this anti spam measure. We have been using the form on our support page for years now, and don't receive any spam from the page.

Addon Details

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Doobox is a RapidWeaver Developer with 49 addons.



1 year ago

Great Stack...

Extremely simple to use. My only wish is that it offered one additional field for a phone number. Other than that, it's brilliant.


1 year ago

Very easy to use

fast & spam free email!

Alfredo Bauer

2 years ago

3 minutes and you've done!

If you need a fast solution for your contact, just buy this stack!

Albert Davis

2 years ago

easy to use

It could not be easier to use , thank you!


3 years ago

Easy, usefull, works great

this stack is really easy to use, works perfectly. Maybe if we could choose the number of fields could be a must. Dominique

Rob Beattie

3 years ago

Simple Stacks-based contact form

I'm lazy so this means I can have a good contact form on a standard stacks page without having to faff about with PlusKit to bring the standard RW contact form page into a Stacks page.

Six String Monk

3 years ago

I Use It on All of My Sites

Quick and Easy. Customization is a breeze. I liked it so much that I changed the contact form on every site I admin.


3 years ago

Brilliantly easy contact form!

Really easy to use and set up - easily configurable to stylise and suit your website, as with all Doobox products, it is very simple to use and works great!

Steve Harlington

3 years ago

Great Contact Form

Love the simple setup and SPAM free of the HTML contact form, and even set it up within Doobox's Tab stack on the home page so it's easy for any visitor to contact me.


3 years ago

Contact for for everyone!

Fastest and easiest way to add a quick responsive contact form to any Stacks page :)