New In Version 1.3.0

New icon and looks Minor improvements and fixes (mostly cosmetic)

Hyphenation is particularly useful when line length is limited: in columns, but especially on mobile devices which have limited screen space.

Another situation where hyphenation is really improving the looks of your site is in combination with justified text. Without hyphenation, justified text frequently causes ugly ‘rivers’ of white space.

Although browser support may not be great yet, it is expect that to grow soon. And: nothing goes wrong if a browser doesn’t show any hyphenation – the text will show as it did for many years.

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2 years ago

Most used

One of my most used stacks. Although some stacks such as columnist have these features built in now, I'm using it for many stacks that cant's hyphenate and justify text such as blog stacks or any other stack that has text in it. Absolutely useful! Thanks!