New In Version 2.0

  • SSL served icons!
  • 2 new icon families: Themify & Ionicons - over 1,000 new icons!
  • Edit mode in RapidWeaver now shows the icon! (Not just the name)
  • Only 1 Stack - more compact and easier to use
  • Faster delivery of icons API
  • Free update - exclusive to the Oak Bundle and Icons 1.0 users
  • More info:

Lots of delicious Icon Fonts in one Stack.

Easy to use and full of punch, Icons carries 12 Icon Font families. Drag it in, customise the icon's size and colour and Robert's your father's brother. Look sharp.

All the Icon Fonts You Need

No longer decide whether to use Font Awesome or Entypo in your project, use them both. Use one icon from one family and 20 from another. It’s up to you. It’s your project.

Vector Retina-Ready Icons

Icon Fonts are vector based so can scale large or small on any device screen without looking jagged or pixelated. The days of using images for social sharing buttons are long gone. Look fixed, look sharp.

Easy Setup in Any Theme

Drop in the Icons Enabler font, then start dropping in your icon fonts. Pull in the stack, select the font family, choose your icon. You can even customise the colour, size, link and hover animation and colour. Easy Peasy.

More info here:

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