The Image - Call To Action stack will dramatically increase the chances that your links get clicked.

As an image is being shown, an overlay with animated effects will float in and cover the image. This overlay will contain your short message and a button, or your link(s).

That is a sure attention-grabber.

If your images are not visible initially, the overlays won't display. When the user scrolls down the page and your images come into view, the overlays will then come in.


  • Use your own images as background.
  • Comes with a simple template for call-to-action.
  • Use your own stack instead of the template, eg the Text stack.
  • When using the included template, you can choose different colors for the call-to-action button, ie normal state and hovered state.
  • 5 animation effects.
  • Triggers when image is in view, or when the user manually hovers the mouse over the image.

Addon Details

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