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Interactive Image Resizing

Are you looking for a way to create resizable images w/in a page?  Image ReSize gives your visitors the ability to view a larger image in-page with titles or captions while still in the page.  It's Three stacks in one: it smoothly resizes the image, handles floated images and manages all of the surrounding text, titles and captions.  It's a great alternative to past solutions of either static image replacement or lightboxes which may hide page content or redirection to another page to view a larger image version.  It's a must-have stack for your toolbox that provides a in-page image resizing solution with lots of options. Image ReSize is ready for Stacks 2+ and Stacks 3+.

Image ReSize is available today on our Shop page & be sure to check out the free demo to experience all the resizing options available.

Are you looking to resize images in-page?

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Raul Del Corte Valiente

3 years ago


I recommend it for everything to be adapted (photos and text).


3 years ago

I don't know how anyone with images on their pages lives without this stack...

It eliminates the uncomfortable and now unnecessary tradeoff between having an image too small to be seen clearly and having it large enough to be seen very clearly - which is often far too large for the page. You decide the two different sizes available for your one image...


3 years ago

Love this :) Thank you

Easy to use & as always does what it says on the tin

Developer reply from Stack-Its

3 years ago

Hi Keith,

I'm glad you found Image ReSize so useful - It's a neat stack. Please contact me through my website, as I'd like to ask you about it.