The Stack For Multiple Image Categories Or Albums

Image Shuffler is a Rapidweaver Stack add-on that lets you display different categories/albums of images.

These images then then be linked to different web pages.

Image Shuffler can be used as:

  • An image gallery, where visitors can choose between multiple albums.
  • A catalogue, where you can use thumbnails to represent various products or services. This catalogue can have different categories which the visitors can choose from.

Other Features:

  • Hash URL Support - This means you can link to or open a specific category/album when the page loads.
  • Responsive - Looks good on any device.
  • An image can either be linked to another web page, or when clicked, opens itself up in a Lightbox.
  • Captions are supported.

Addon Details

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CosCulture is a RapidWeaver Developer with 27 addons.