New In Version 1.3.1

  • Padding + Margin taken off countdown clock

Countdown and mailing list stacks for your next landing page.

Landing is two stacks ready for your next coming soon page. Countdown to any date in the future and gather names and email addresses of passers by to your site, Landing will get your teaser page in gear and ready for that big launch day.

Collect email addresses

In your next teaser page project, add the Landing email stack to gather all prospects info for a mail out when you launch. Names and emails are quickly gathered and sent to your chosen email address for adding to your Excel or MailChimp list without needing to programme any PHP. Make it a great launch day.

Countdown to launch

Building up to an important launch date in the future? Add the day, month, even year, and countdown will count how many days, hours, minutes left until the big day – based on the locale of the viewer and their timezone. Time to launch something big.

Responsive and retina ready

The buttons, countdown, form fields and the lot are all CSS. No images used so it’s sharp, fast to load and ready for high res screens. Both stacks are ready for mobile and tablets too so you can capture more target emails or countdown from any device.

Easy to setup

Drag in the stacks. Then easily set the date for the countdown or change the colours. For mail, add your email address to receive the signups, change the colours and even change the text in the fields and error/success messages to any language you want. Easy to setup and fully customisable.

Addon Details

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