Multiple pages inside a single stacks page.

With Light Page, you create multiple pages linked to thumbnails. When you preview or publish, a thumbnail overview page is automatically generated.

Maintaining a cohesive design and editing a whole online store or portfolio will be easier and faster than ever.

Instant Page Loads. The Waiting is Over!

No more waiting for pages to load. Light Pages are loaded in the background while viewing the thumbnail overview page, allowing visitors to browse between pages with zero load time.

One-Click Social Network Integration.

Light Page generates unqiue urls for each page, and offers one-click integration of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, to share individual light pages.

  • Dead simple setup. Literally, drag in a few images - and a gallery with thumbnails is ready to go!

  • SAVE TIME when creating a thumbnail to full page site setup. Become an overnight rockstar to any website client!

  • Hassle-free automatic linking of all thumbnails to the correct pages - it's a bulletproof setup. No more manually linking images to pages.

  • Create full page experiences within one-page site designs. Online store with dedicated pages, but in a one-page site? Yes, now you can.

  • Unbelievable thumbnail control with hundreds of potential styling configurations.

  • Thumbnails are based off of page header images or can be set independently - useful for video galleries for example.

  • Visitors experience ZERO page load time when browsing between Light Pages.

  • Extreme flexibility with Light Page content, bring your own stacks to fill in the header, content, and optional sidebar layout areas.

  • 4 video tutorials walk through every built-in option of Light Page (see Manual).

  • Drastically cleaner site maintenance. All editing happens on a single stacks page - instead of multiple pages.

  • Effortless cohesive visual design, no adjusting style options on multiple pages.

  • Rearrange Light Pages and thumbnails in seconds with a "Quick Sort" edit mode option.

  • Downloadable project file of 3 different examples of Light Page usage.