New In Version 1.2.3

Extra style option for text alignment

Prototyping a new web design and in need of some quick random text elements or placeholder images to test with?

Look no further... the Lorem Ipsum stack is the Utility you need to have.

The name of this Utility was derived from the Lorem Ipsum text. This text is commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a website by removing the distraction of meaningful content. Use the Lorem Ipsum Stack to focus attention on graphic elements in a webpage design proposal.

Supported Dictionaries Multiple dictionaries are supported and you can use all of them at the same time. So instead of only Lorem Ipsum you can also chose one of the following dictionaries:

  • Bacon Ipsum
  • Baseball Ipsum
  • Cupcake Ipsum
  • Hipster Ipsum
  • Pokemon Ipsum
  • Starwars Ipsum
  • Tuna Ipsum
  • Veggie Ipsum

Content Elements Various predefined content types are available including advanced CSS style properties:

  • Paragraph(s)
  • Sentence
  • Words
  • Headings
  • List
  • CSS Styled Image

Addon Details

Generic placeholder image

Tsooj Media

Tsooj Media is a RapidWeaver Developer with 11 addons.