New In Version 1.6.0

  • Now with Donations! Users can make custom payment amounts
  • Products now send image thumbnails to Mal's Cart view

Take RapidWeaver E-Commerce to the next level.

Mal's E-Commerce stacks are the perfect combination for small business wanting to sell online. Tightly integrated with Mal's E-Commerce, Mal's stacks make it simple to add a shopping cart across your RapidWeaver project in minutes. Setup an online store for yourself or a client and start taking orders today.

Yes Yes Yes

Can I setup my cart with PayPal or Cash on Delivery (CoD)? Can I use Google Checkout or Amazon payments instead of PayPal? Can I setup Tax and shipping? Can I send out discount coupons? Can I customise payment notifications and email receipts? So many Yeses to make your e-commerce life easier.

Payment methods and gateways galore

You can use any of these methods to collect payment with Mal’s in RapidWeaver: PayPal – all integrations; Standard payment methods, including manual card payment; Authorizenet; BluePay; eWay Rapid 3.1; Firstdata e4; Helcim; Linkpoint; Nochex; Payflow; PayHub; PaymentSense; PostFinance; Quickpay; Sagepay (UK); Sage Payments (USA); Skrill; Stripe; Transaction Central; Transaction Express; Trustcommerce; Virtual Merchant – Elavon; Worldpay; Phew, you should find one that suits your project.

Powered by Mal’s Commerce

145,000 accounts in over 120 countries. It can’t be bad. Mal’s makes it simple to add a shopping cart to your RapidWeaver project. Escape from the limitations of traditional store builder software, just add the Mal’s stacks to your existing RapidWeaver product pages and start taking orders straight away.

Highly customisable

Customise the look and feel of the buttons in your RapidWeaver project. Lay out the page in Stacks however you like and if you don’t want product pages, just make a solo shop page. Customise the logo, colours, buttons and message on the checkout page too. Quick and easy to get the look you want with minimal effort.

World currencies and language

Sell in more than 30 languages and any currency. Mal’s e-commerce cart is already translated and you can also change the language text of the buttons in your project from within the stack. Want to sell in US$, GBP£ or Ecuadorain Sucre? No problemo. Mal’s has you covered.

Simple or variable

Right from within your RapidWeaver project add a simple product with no options. Say “$20″ for a tee shirt. But if you want the user to configure size and colour, you can add drop downs for that. There’s even space in the checkout page for a custom field should you want to sell customised works. You can even add up-sells and other services such as gift wrapping.

Easy setup

It’s easy peezy to setup a Mal’s e-commerce account and you can start with the free account for now (which will be adequate in most cases). Setting up the rest of the options in Stacks is easy with a few text and button configurations and URL amends. You’ll be selling your goods in no time.

Responsive and Retina Ready

Mal’s E-Commerce stacks are built for any theme that is responsive (or not) and look great on HiDPI displays. Whether you want to sell on mobile or desktop, you can make your shop look trim and sharp to give you the best chance of success.

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Yuzoolthemes is a RapidWeaver Developer with 78 addons.



3 years ago

Easy to setup and include in your RW stacks page.

Mal's is what I've been looking for. None of the other ecommerce options allow me to take payments in South African Rand.

Michael's support is beyond expectations. Wonderful support which went way above my expectations. Brilliant developer. Can't recommend Mal's and Yuzoolthemes more highly.

Developer reply from Michael Frankland

3 years ago

That's very kind of you and really appreciate that :)

Glad you got the project going and can take South African Rand. All the best with a great E-commerce project!