Design Google Maps to blend into your RapidWeaver site.

Map is an easy way to stylise Google maps with colours, points of interest and roads to become a part of your site design. Map is fully responsive and the best way to make powerful Google maps even better and more stylish.

Colourful maps

Change the main colour, saturation and brightness of your GMap. No longer want to stick with the usual colours? Blend the map into your RapidWeaver design and make it a powerful and subtle addition to your contact us page. Be stylish and useful.

Customisable maps

Make your powerful embed-able Google map even more useful with styles that blend into your website. Decide whether to show points of interest, highways and small roads to your office, or just a general location. Show the address bar and set the start zoom. Map is an easy way to customise your Google maps.


Map doesn’t take up the whole screen on mobile so you can still navigate around the page without getting stuck on just the map. It’s also easy to specify height for a couple of different viewports and the width is 100% width edge to edge and can be easily adjusted by adding padding to the Stack borders. Easy does it.

Addon Details

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