Introducing Melodeon - A new type of accordion that you’ve never seen before~ from Weavium!

Melodeon was inspired by the latest UI design trends on the web and turns plain-old accordions into something magic~ It allows you to create responsive horizontal accordions that can be be previewed and then expanded into full page content sections! Looks great everywhere and will definitely make your site stand out from the crowd :slight_smile:

Responsive, Expandable, Unique, and Awesome!

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  • Preview Mode

Melodeon accordion items expand into preview mode when clicked, displayed a stylish background icon and a toggle for showing more content

  • Expandable

Not only do melodeon items expand into preview mode, but when the more toggle is clicked, the items expand full-width and reveal extra content!

  • Shared / Individual Colors

Melodeon accordion items can share similar colors or each item can have its' own custom colors with the simple check of a box!

  • Icons / Images

Add custom icons from the greatest icon fonts on the web, and background images for a user experience like never before~

  • Responsive

Melodeon is not only sleek and stylish but completely responsive! Horizontal accordions on desktop, and vertical accordions for mobile devices~ Same functionality everywhere!

  • Examples Included

Melodeon is so quick and easy to get started with you will be blown away! We've also included a bunch of great examples for you ^_-

Addon Details

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