Create private notes on your website or app.

Memo is a “noise free” writing experience for writing minimally and getting into the zone. All information is stored locally using HTML5 local storage and is private to you. Memo is a quick and easy way to give your site a writing app, notes section or just a place to put your thoughts throughout the day.

Noise free and minimal writing experience

After publishing your site, put you memo in here. Type it. Edit it. Save it. Every change is stored locally and quickly so you or your users can keep notes on a page. Memo is a fun and clever way to give interactivity to your site and a blank canvas to brain dump.

Keep for yourself or spread

Memo is perfect to publish a page in RapidWeaver to keep your own private notes and thoughts throughout your day or it can be added to a members site or be your first web app. Spread, make money or just empower users, Memo will add more functionality to your RapidWeaver projects.

Subtle design

The fonts, sizes, colours and other bits are all picked up by your theme so it’s quick to deploy and subtly blends into your current design. Memo is also responsive, light and fast. Try it today and see how easy it is to edit. You just need something to say.

Addon Details

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