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Version 1.6 released 1 year ago


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Barz Stacks

Barz Stacks is a RapidWeaver Addons Developer with 58 addons.

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Stack from Barz Stacks

Version 1.6 released 1 year ago



Display RSS feeds the fancy way


MonsteRSS Stack will let you embed a RSS feed on your site. There a lot of options to customize the styling and animation like fade-in, ticker or rotation effects.


  • Title Tag: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, div
  • Title color: color of the title
  • Text color: color of the rest of the text
  • Width: enter a value in px or %, for example "100%" or "600px"
  • BG color (odd/even): setup colors for odd and even rows
  • Row padding: The padding of the text inside of the box
  • Row margin: The margin between two news boxes
  • Shadow: Show a shadow around the box or not
  • Shadow color: Color of the shadow
  • Corner radius: Round corners
  • Number of feeds: How many news of the feed should be shown
  • Feed URL: url of the RSS feed
  • Show description: Show or hide the content of the news
  • Show Header title: Show or hide the title of the RSS feed
  • Show Media: Shows media associated by the feed's news
  • Show Date: Shows or hides the date of the news
  • Short description: Shows a shorter version of the description


  • Fade in: If checked, all the news will fade in one after another
  • Rotation: A list of rotating news. One drops from the list while all others slide upwards
  • Ticker: a newsticker which shows the news like a typewriter one by one
  • Use Cache: Disabling this will pull new news faster but may reduce page loading time
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Community Reviews

Works well

Written by peterdanckwerts 1 year ago

This is an easy-to-use stack at a great price and with plenty of options. It works like a dream.

Very versatile stack with options to add/remove most displayed items

Written by conger 1 year ago

Good stack for fine tuning the appearance of your RSS feed. Easy to understand and use. Great support too.

Developer Reply

Written by Maik Barz from Barz Stacks, the owner of MonsterRSS, 1 year ago

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that!

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