New In Version 1.0.7

  • Fixed crash when attempting to add a link to an image item.

A gallery of images that will always arrange themselves into a perfect rectangle, plus Lightbox and more.

Designed exclusively for Stacks version 3 or above, this stack takes full advantage of the new plugin features. Images are created in two sizes at the moment you drop them into the stack so smaller versions load as fast as possible, while larger originals are presented in all their glory when viewed in the built in light-box. The stack has a great new edit mode user interface, with handy mini HUD’s to get a sense of what your settings changes are doing in real time before previewing. (check out Edit Mode section below).

  • 'A perfect rectangle:' No matter how many images or the proportions of those images, the stack will always arrange the images into a perfect complete rectangle presentation. You have many options to configure the look and feel, including row height, spacing, and what happens on hover, to name but a few.
  • 'Touch enabled light-box:' Clicking images will allow navigating through the set in a touch enabled light-box. On mobile devices users are able to navigate forward and backward through the gallery using touch swipe gestures. This is fast becoming the expected behaviour on touch screen devices.

Addon Details

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Doobox is a Premium RapidWeaver Developer with 49 addons.


M. Roland

2 days ago

better than the firt version!

Used since the first version, the latest version is absolutely perfect for my site on all devices, recommended!

gary taylor

1 week ago

Elegant and easy to use

After some comparison I chose this stack from my Pics, the responsive behavior is exactly what I need, perfect on any device!