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If you've ever wanted more control over what navigation is shown on a webpage, then your wait is over.  NavHelper provides a simple interface to hide any navigation that you don't want to show.  It allows you to optionally hide sub level navigation and any support elements like navigation arrows or border elements.  You can also optionally hide all navigation, thus creating a custom splash page.  It provides control on up to 20 page links and there's more. NavHelper is ready for Stacks 2+ and Stacks 3+.

NavHelper is available today on our Shop page & be sure to check out the free demo to experience all the navigation options available.

What navigation will you control today?

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2 years ago

A very Useful Stack

I created a bilingual site using FreeStack Responsive. The biggest potential problem was the navigation – but NavHelper came to the rescue. With this stack, you can control which pages appear in the navbar, allowing me to have 2 sets of pages, English and French, each with the appropriate navbar. It is a very flexible stack and is easy to use.