New In Version 1.0.2

Resolved an issue if JW's SEO Helper stack is on the page.

The right message at the right time!

Pop-up notifications, toastings, pop-ups, desktop notifications, notification bubbles, rustings, balloon notifications or simply notifications - that's Notificator.

Individual triggers and positioning make Notificator the go-to tool for your messaging requirements. Easy to use, works right out of the box.

Triggers can be

  • on page load
  • after a certain delay
  • scroll-position
  • leave-intent (a.k.a. call-to-action)

Further customise your messages

  • by selecting individual icons (even spinning icons are possible!)
  • using pre-configured message types
  • by allowing the reader to close the message - or not
  • hiding the message automatically after a given time
  • setting the position on the screen
  • changing the text alignment
  • adjusting the color-scheme to your project

Watch a video about Notificator here.

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J. Barth

J. Barth is a RapidWeaver Developer with 15 addons.



7 months ago

Versatile and easy to use

I was first hesitant to buy as this guy is the new kid on the block. But the price is right and I took the plunge. What do I have to say? It is great - easy to use, most settings are self-explanatory and everything else is thoroughly explained on his web site. Highly recommended!