An attention grabbing native style notifications stack.

Create a native style notification to display important info to your users in a timely manner.

Triggering notifications.

Notifications can be trigger either on a timer from the users arrival at your page, or when your user scrolls to a certain point in the page.

Anti Annoyance

Option to display the pop-up only once to a user within a time period you set, or display every page load.

Multiple Notifications

You can use as many as you like in a page. They can even be triggered at the same time.

Addon Details

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Six String Monk

3 years ago

My Clients Love It

I was overcomplicating simple "calls to action" and my clients wanted an obvious notification. I used Notify and they all loved it. Quick and easy solution.

John Fernald

3 years ago

Very useful for important notifications

Used to alert a community of website users about important important information postings and updates.


3 years ago

Nice little addon

Really easy to use and set up - add an image and links as well as text, as with all Doobox products, it is very simple to use and works great!