New In Version 1.15

New PADDYtext stack added:

  • lightweight but powerful paragraph stack
  • set text size with breakpoint
  • set colours for normal, link and hover
  • Align left, centre or right
  • Assign a custom font (using a font already loaded)
  • Advanced Custom Class and Inline CSS

Various otherPADDYstacks max and min values increased

Here are the missing pieces to the big web site building puzzle. Use the PADDY stacks to build sites using a Blank Theme or within Frameworks such as Foundation or Foundry. Together with other freely available stacks and blank themes you can now build anything you want using RapidWeaver.

The PADDY stacks were created to:

  • Either - Make life easier by keeping the settings simple and also displaying the settings within the RW edit window where relevant.
  • Or do something that no other stack did in such an easy way

In summary, the PADDY stacks suite comprises:

  • PADDYButt - a Stacks3 button styler - create beautiful buttons with ease
  • PADDY & PADDYPlus - Spacing made easy so that you can or remove and adjust spacing just where you want it to achieve that perfect "White Space" design. Proportional spacing with breakpoints.
  • PADDYCol & PADDYColPad - proportional column padding with breakpoints. Add or remove side padding when you want. Use whatever breakpoints you want. Don't be restricted with just a mobile, tablet and desktop setting. Life doesn't fit into categories so why should you?
  • PADDYCol2 & PADDYCol3 - Super easy to use and ultra adjustable column stacks with unique features. Don't be limited by a rigid12 column framework grid. Build exactly the column layout or grid layout you want and make it collapse or expand with multiple breakpoints.
  • PADDYVis & PADDYVisPlus - a pair of Hide/show/visibility stacks to display or hide content exactly when you want and be able to see that from the RW Edit window.
  • PADDYNotes - Super simple Markdown note stack used to display the in project file help in our RapidTemplates and RapidProjects
  • PADDYShad - The cool shadow stack with breakpoint to reduce the shadow when the screen gets small.
  • PADDYHeight - Very simple but a valuable tool when building grids and overlaid images.
  • PADDYBalls - No, not what you think. Just a web page Pre-Loader if you want to display something while your site loads.

Designed to be used by users new to Stacks and RapidWeaver by keeping the settings to a minimum and using plain English.

PADDY stacks also cater for advanced users and web professionals by including Custom CSS and Inline CSS advanced capability where appropriate.

Also note the PADDY suite of stacks is included with each of our RapidTemplates which are available for only $20 with our current promotion. See .

Check out the RapidTemplates built using the PADDY stacks at

and also the many videos on our video channel at

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Webdeersign is a RapidWeaver Developer with 20 addons.


Michael Frankland

1 year ago

Really cool

These are a great way to get a project going with a blueprint - without having to start from scratch or a blank canvas. A great shortcut to a gorgeous design result.

inStacks Software

1 year ago

A nice set of Stacks

If you want to build a RapidWeaver site with a really blank theme and no framework, have a look at these. They will really help you setting up the content inside the pages. Well done!